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Zhuhai Series

In November and December 2012, with Mr. BAO, the director of Zhuhai Fine-Art Museum and Mr. YUAN Ye, Jean-Pierre painted 18 works of Zhuhai sites: construction sites, coastal landscapes, monuments characteristics of the neighboring vibrant city : Macau.

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Guilin Series

In spring 2012, with the trip in Guilin area, Jean-Pierre was inspired by the landscape features of this very touristy province: mountains, bamboo rafting, white-wall villages, cultivated fields and blue hills.

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Quzhou Series

In 2009, Jean-Pierre was invited to Quzhou, former culture capital of the Southern Song, and refuged by the Confucius family who once moved into this city after the Mongol invasion. During a month, Jean-Pierre painted several historical and cultural sites around the city.

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Nanxun Series

Invited by Zhejiang Federation of Literary and Art Circle, Jean-Pierre stayed one month in the water towns in the province such as Nanxun, Wuzhen and Zhouzhuang in 2008. The canals, granite bridges, gardens and kiosks reminded him of Venice.


Welcome to Jean-Pierre's Website

Borned in 1948, Jean-Pierre Chevassus-Agnes has followed his mother to learn painting who was a famous porcelain painter when he was young. After years of works, Jean-Pierre has held many solo exhibitions all around the world. Since retired in 2004, Jean-Pierre attended in Canton Art Fair in 2005, the China-France Crossing Year.He was soon atrracted by the landscape the culture of this country and has recently finished his 18th visited to China.

He was glad to have taken Pablo PICASSO's advice to go to China to experience oriental culture. Due to all these visits to China, Jean-Pierre has well understood chinese art and traditionnal culture, which has affected him much in his patings by gestures, thoughts and themes. Jean-Pierre has held 3 solo exhibitions in national museums with his works in China: Zhejiang Fine-Art Museum, 110 works; Xiamen Fine-Art Museum 74 works and Zhuhai Guyuan Fine-Art Museum, 56 works.

Now Jean-Pierre works regularly between China - Japan - Europe with his art works and continues purifying his art.


Recent Work

Recent Work

A painting of Fuji Mt. in Japan. More works in 2013 Works.


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